DuraShield Vinyl Roll-up Doors

With spring in full swing here in Cincinnati, we’re getting use of our DuraShield Bug doors in our warehouse. But we also have another DuraShield product useful for areas where ventilation (while keeping bugs & birds out) isn’t the primary concern.

Vinyl Rollup DoorThe DuraShield Solid Vinyl Roll-up Door is an affordable choice for sealing out dust, noise, and pollution and for managing temperature differentials. It can help you increase productivity by improving your employees work environment.

We were recently on location doing a video shoot for a new install video. This particular facility had several other areas devoted to different production activities, and one in particular stood out to me as an ideal location for a DuraShield Vinyl Roll-up door. This was a wood cutting area which utilizes a big opening to allow forklift traffic to move through. While there is a pair of traffic doors installed (which we also sell and highly recommend!) this struck me as a perfect application for our DuraShield vinyl roll-up door:  it would effectively contain the sawdust and keep the other areas of the building clean, while allowing the forklift to pass through easily.

Manual or Automatic Operation

Chain Rollup

DuraShield Vinyl roll-up doors come standard with manual chain hoist operation, but can be ordered with motor operators, which is appropriate for applications (such as the one mentioned above) where there is motorized traffic passing through.  

Mounting Options and Sliding Models, Too!

Mounting Options

To accommodate nearly every application, there are three mounting methods to ensure you get the perfect fit and seal (face of wall, in jamb, and inside standoff). In addition, DuraShield vinyl doors are available in a sliding configuration, useful where there are tight clearances at the top of an opening. These operate smoothly on a galvanized track system utilizing pull handles and manual closures.  

DuraShield products are available in many colors and are a great choice to solve contamination problems in industrial and manufacturing facilities. For more information give us a call at 800-543-4455 or feel free to leave a comment here in the blog, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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