Saino Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Doors

In addition to Saino’s renowned fire doors, we also have a line of Saino doors specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries.  There are three primary models that we frequently sell to these industries, and they all feature the same (optional) operators, basic hardware and TEP track/roller system which provides years of smooth, easy, trouble-free operation. Where the doors differ is primarily on the finish: each model is constructed to meet different levels of “cleanability.”

Model 61000

Model 61000

Saino Model 61000

The 61000 is our most standard model of the bunch, with a durable, galvanized prime painted finish on the door, casings and trackhood, allowing you to easily match the door to your decor if desired. 61000 doors are available in single slide or bi-parting models, and use perimeter casings and door panel gaskets to ensure a positive seal. Vision panels are 1/4″ Plexiglas with a sloped, overlapping frame for easy cleaning. Flush pull handles enable manual operation, or the door can be automated if desired.

Most customers who order Saino 61000 doors use them in storage or warehousing areas of pharmaceutical, chemical or other “clean” manufacturing facilities where contamination has to be kept to a minimum.

Saino Model 67000K and 67000F



The 67000 is ideal for areas where a clean environment needs to be maintained, as well as where harsh chemicals and frequent cleaning are encountered. Both feature the same internal framework of 16 gauge welded steel tubing, which creates a strong door and lets us make these panels to nearly any size needed. The “K” and “F” refer to the type of face sheet material used: either Kydex®, which provides a measure of fire resistance (UL 94V, 5v and FAR 25.853a); or .09″ thick, gel-coated FRP laminated panels.

Both versions are extremely durable and easy to clean: 304 #4 stainless steel is used for the capping channels and closed end, sloped track hood, while windows can be ordered with an overlapping (sloped) frame or as a flush mount. For highly acidic manufacturing locations, the doors can be built with 316 stainless steel which provides greater durability in those conditions.



Most customers order this door as a primary door for their highly-controlled manufacturing areas, including pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and food processing facilities. Everything about this door is designed to minimize particle buildup, resist chemical compounds and maximize ease of cleaning.

Saino Model 73000

The Shiny Model 73000

The Shiny Model 73000

The shiny, clean, model 73000 is the ultimate in cleanliness and durability. Everything on it is made of 304 stainless steel, including the door panel, header, casings and track hood. The stainless steel face sheets wrap around the door, eliminating “catch points” where particles can build up. Pull handles are flush, stainless steel and vision panels are flush, sealed, multi-pane units which make cleaning a breeze. Perimeter gaskets fit into a keyway in the door panel to provide a tight seal, and are field replaceable should the need arise.

This door is typically used in pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical manufacturing facilities, as the stainless is non-porous and easy to clean, minimizing particulate buildup. They are also frequently found in food processing facilities.

For More Specific Information…

So there you have it – a basic overview of the three pharmaceutical-grade doors we offer. We hope this helps you understand which models are typically used for different applications, but to determine the appropriate model for your needs, give our customer service team a call (800-543-4455). They can answer your questions and make sure you get the absolute best door for your specific application. You can also drop us a line here or follow us on our social media channels (TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus or LinkedIn) to ask questions and learn more about the latest from Chase Doors!


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