Chase SRP 5000 Traffic Door Improvements

At Chase Doors, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements to our products – it’s part of a culture of continuous improvement that we embrace throughout the company.

One of the latest updates is to our SRP 5000, which is a lightweight, durable and affordable traffic door available in 7 different colors. The door panel continues to be made of the same, 1/2” thick USDA-accepted, stress-relieved high-density polyethylene. Since these door panels are textured and the color flows throughout the panel, normal dents and scratches are hidden. making them perfect for high traffic retail openings between the stock room and sales floor.

The changes we’re making are to the hardware we’re building the door with. After extensive testing, we’re pleased to announce that we are upgrading the back spine from a 2″ anodized aluminum tube, to a stainless steel rectangular back spine which wraps tightly around the door. This improves the appearance of the door, with a neater, cleaner look, while providing the same rigidity as the aluminum tube.

Old-SRP-5000-WebThe back spine change also allows us to shift to our proven “E” hinge system, which is an offset gravity hinge system. Like our “C” hinge, the “E” hinge offers years of trouble-free service and minimal maintenance requirements, but with the black hinge cover, it offers a tighter, cleaner look.

New-SRP-5000-webThe sum of these changes means we can offer the door with slightly tighter clearances now too, further improving the overall look. We hope you agree that these changes will give you better performance and a neater appearance for these proven doors.

If you have any questions, please give our customer service team a call (800-543-4455) or pose one here in the blog comments or on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus or LinkedIn. And don’t forget to follow us on your favorite platform to stay current on the latest developments at Chase Doors!


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