New Colors for Chase Flexible Doors

Chase flexible doors have been an important product in our company since the original AirGard® flexible door was introduced many years ago. We’ve expanded the line since then and now have seven different models, from our industrial-grade AirGard 973 to the AirGard EconoClear door which provides complete visibility in walk-in coolers and freezers.

The differences in models are mainly due to the materials used, which offer different benefits depending on the application they will be used in (for example, cold storage facilities need a door made of material that keeps its flexibility at low temperatures, while a warehouse door would not be subject to the same conditions). Due to the materials used to make the AirGard 100 and 300, they are only available in a Forest Green color. However, our other models are built with a PVC material and therefore have more color options, allowing you to coordinate the door with your facility.

AirGard 200

AirGard 200 in Navy

Today, we’re happy to announce that we have two new color choices for the AirGard 200 and Uni-Flex 240 doors. Welcome aboard, Dark Gray and Beige, you now make a total of 10 color choices for these doors! Beige offers another option for those looking for a lighter colored door that will still hide some of the marks from forklifts and other loads passing through the door, which are bound to happen over time.

New ColorsWe work hard each day to innovate and meet our customer requests, and we love to share these updates when we have new features or options. Please call our customer service team (800-543-4455) if you have questions, or leave us a note on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to “Like” us on your favorite social media site to stay current on the latest innovations at Chase Doors!


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