What Does Custom-Manufacturer Mean?

The definition according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “custom-made” means that it is made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person. At Chase Doors, custom-made or custom-manufactured doesn’t just mean manufacturing a door to your specification but actually finding a solution to your problem.

Chase Doors was recently contacted by a company working with the New York Transit Authority. They needed a fire rated sliding door but did not want a closing system, so our Engineers designed a door that met their requirements. Chase’s skilled craftspeople manufactured the door and then submitted it to UL so it could be evaluated and tested. In December, UL determined the door complied with all applicable requirements and issued the UL Mark. The doors will soon be on their way to their new home in New York.

Sliding Fire Door

Custom Door Designed for the New York Transit Authority

Perhaps you or someone you know needs a door to something very specific. Let Chase help design that custom, one of a kind door for your application. Chase Doors have earned a reputation as high quality products that are reliable, durable and competitively priced. Chase’s team of in-house engineers and customer service professionals work with you every step of the way throughout the order process to ensure accuracy before sending the door to production. A seasoned production team, including experienced craftspeople are cross trained to perform a variety of duties ensuring that Chase can meet customer demand with minimal disruption. Let Chase put over 80 plus years of experience to work for you!

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