Chase Doors is at the IDA Expo

IDA Expo is one of the largest door and access system expositions in the world, and this year is no exception. With over 150 Exhibitors, Chase is proud to be a part of this show. Not only do we get to see old friends and meet new ones, but we get the opportunity to show off our new products, the Fast-Mount Strip door and the DuraSpan Insulated Curtain.

Las Vegas

IDA People

The new Fast-Mount Strip Door by Chase makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier. The Fast-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips as a preset overlap has already been established. The J-Hooks have a continuous welded bond between each strip. If the strips ever come unsealed from the J-Hook we guarantee free replacement including freight.

Fast-Mount Strip Door

Fast-Mount Strip Door

In addition to the Fast-Mount Strip Door, Chase is also exhibiting a flexible traffic door and two impact traffic doors, the Durulite Standard and Retailer, both of which are constructed with rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin and a Non-CFC urethane foam core. The ColdGuard Swing door incorporates a tough and thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced pultrusion framework, FRP face casings and a Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane core. Also on display is the DuraShield Roll-up Vinyl and Bug Door and the beautiful Fib-R-Max fiberglass Door that just so happens to be the strongest, most durable and dependable fiberglass door on the market! Last but definitely not least, our DuraSpan Insulated and Non-insulated Curtains are on display and trust me, this is an economical solution to dividing up space that you won’t want to miss out on!

IDA Expo Chase Booth

In you are in Las Vegas be sure to stop by and visit us at booth 614!


New Colors for Chase Flexible Doors

Chase flexible doors have been an important product in our company since the original AirGard® flexible door was introduced many years ago. We’ve expanded the line since then and now have seven different models, from our industrial-grade AirGard 973 to the AirGard EconoClear door which provides complete visibility in walk-in coolers and freezers.

The differences in models are mainly due to the materials used, which offer different benefits depending on the application they will be used in (for example, cold storage facilities need a door made of material that keeps its flexibility at low temperatures, while a warehouse door would not be subject to the same conditions). Due to the materials used to make the AirGard 100 and 300, they are only available in a Forest Green color. However, our other models are built with a PVC material and therefore have more color options, allowing you to coordinate the door with your facility.

AirGard 200

AirGard 200 in Navy

Today, we’re happy to announce that we have two new color choices for the AirGard 200 and Uni-Flex 240 doors. Welcome aboard, Dark Gray and Beige, you now make a total of 10 color choices for these doors! Beige offers another option for those looking for a lighter colored door that will still hide some of the marks from forklifts and other loads passing through the door, which are bound to happen over time.

New ColorsWe work hard each day to innovate and meet our customer requests, and we love to share these updates when we have new features or options. Please call our customer service team (800-543-4455) if you have questions, or leave us a note on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to “Like” us on your favorite social media site to stay current on the latest innovations at Chase Doors!

Traffic Door Choices

You may not know this, but when Chase Industries, Inc., started in 1932, we were initially  a manufacturer of insulated walk-in coolers and specialty refrigeration equipment. Shortly after launching the business, Chase Blum (founder) pioneered the original, flexible AirGard™ traffic door with its unique top-mounted-only gravity hinging system. We’ve greatly expanded our line of doors since then, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types (cold storage doorsfire doorsbird & bug doors, etc.). One of our specialties, which I’ll highlight today, is our traffic doors.

Flexible Traffic Doors

Our AirGard™ flexible traffic doors operate with a top hinge only, allowing them to be used in areas where wide loads need to pass through, and are especially useful where space is at a premium. Since they don’t have a bottom hinge, there is no worry of  damage to the bottom door hardware. Due to their flexible materials, they can take a lot of impact and are offered in many styles to suit usage from industrial applications with heavy loads (the AirGard 973) to secondary cooler doors (our Econoclear door).

Airgard 973

Econoclear and Top Hinge

Econoclear flexible door (left) and Top Hinge close up (right)

Industrial Traffic Doors

When you’re up against forklift traffic and other heavy loads each day, you’ve got to be tough. Chase offers some of the most durable industrial traffic doors in the industry. While our flexible doors are fully capable, in applications where a traditional (solid) door is desired for these highly-demanding applications, our Durulite doors fit the bill, especially the Durulite Industrial door or our Durulite Postal-Security 200 door.

Durulite Industrial

Durulite Industrial Traffic Door

General Service Traffic Doors

For less abusive applications that aren’t subjected to forklifts, we offer many doors that are appropriate for traffic such as the pallet, push cart and pedestrian traffic typically found in retail or supermarket locations, such as our SC 3000 or ABS 5000 doors. We also offer insulated traffic doors that are appropriate for these locations, such as the Durulite Retailer.

SC 3000

SC 3000 Traffic Door

ABS 5000 Traffic Door

ABS 5000 Traffic Door

Hopefully this short guide offers a little guidance on the traffic door that would be best for your application. We want you to get the best door for your particular project, and the best way to do that is to talk to one of our customer service people, by calling 800-543-4455. You can also leave us a comment here, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

New Food Safety Rules

Recently we’ve read several articles about proposed new food safety rules under the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act. These new rules would largely affect produce producers and packers, but also would give the FDA new powers to conduct surprise inspections and shut down food facilities. These new powers are primarily geared toward fresh produce that is typically consumed raw. While the implementation of these new rules is several years off, it’s clear that food safety and contamination is a big issue.

Food growers, processors and packers need to make sure their facilities are clean and uncontaminated, just as they need to follow good practices to prevent the spread of disease. Doors serve as a key link in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria in food processing and other manufacturing facilities. Traffic doors (which swing both directions) are a key component to minimizing the spread of contaminants, as they allow for easy passage of people, carts, pallet jacks and forklifts, in either direction.

Chase Doors has many traffic doors suited for food processing or specialty manufacturing facilities. We have flexible doors, such as our AirGard® series, that are made from USDA accepted materials. These are easy to clean and help reduce the risk of spreading contamination, making them perfect in food processing, storage or refrigerated areas. AirGard 300Another great choice is the Durulite® Industrial traffic door. Constructed of rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene, it has a monolithic shell (no gaps or seams), making it ideal for repeated washdown applications. Forklift traffic is no problem, and it is impervious to acids, petroleum products, animal fats and cleaning solvents. Best of all, it’s NSF® certified and USDA accepted. USDA_logoNSF Blue 200x200DuruLite Industrial
For the ultimate in convenience and contamination prevention, the Saino Model 73000 sliding door is designed for installations requiring the highest sanitary standards. The fully flush panel design is not only beautiful, it’s easy to clean. Stainless steel face sheets wrap around the door, eliminating “catch points” for contaminants. Vision panels and pull handles fit flush into the door panel for ease of cleaning. Gaskets fit into keyways in the door panel, assuring a tight seal. It can be motorized for completely hands-free access. 73000At Chase Doors, we take seriously our job to help you ensure your facilities meet their sanitary goals. To learn more about the best product for your unique situation, give us a call at 800.543.4455. And don’t forget to reach out to us via Facebook and Twitter!