Tropical Storm Arthur – Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

As the Fourth of July weekend nears, the Atlantic hurricane season’s first named storm, Arthur, was slowly strengthening off Florida’s coast early Wednesday.

As of 5:00 am EST time Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center reported Tropical Storm Arthur was located about 90 miles east of Cape Canaveral. Forecasters predict Arthur will is likely to stay just offshore, passing northeastern Florida Wednesday night and moving parallel to the southeastern U.S. coast, becoming a hurricane by Thursday. Currently, maximum sustained winds were recorded at 60 mph. and it has been noted that the storm has picked up speed and is currently moving north at 6 mph.

In 2011, Florida building codes were dramatically increased to include:

  • New ultimate wind speed maps (there used to be one, now there are three)
  • New allowable stress design and load combinations, which use the higher wind speeds previously mentioned
  • Changes to wind-borne debris territories and
  • A new exposure level—Exposure D.

For us in the door industry, this means higher testing standards for our outside-facing doors as wind speeds for inland and coastal regions that used to range from 90 to 150 mph now range from 105 to 200 mph.

Hurricane Season

Fib-R-Max, Fib-R-Dor and Fib-R-Lite can meet this hurricane-force change in the industry. All three doors have received the Florida Building Code (FBC) approval for installation in high velocity wind zones. All three doors meet and exceed the standards set forth for large missile impact (ASTM-E1886/1996 missile level D), both positive and negative cycle pressure and wind load. Fib-R-Max has also received Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) approval for installation in high wind coastal areas.

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Chase Doors is at the IDA Expo

IDA Expo is one of the largest door and access system expositions in the world, and this year is no exception. With over 150 Exhibitors, Chase is proud to be a part of this show. Not only do we get to see old friends and meet new ones, but we get the opportunity to show off our new products, the Fast-Mount Strip door and the DuraSpan Insulated Curtain.

Las Vegas

IDA People

The new Fast-Mount Strip Door by Chase makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier. The Fast-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips as a preset overlap has already been established. The J-Hooks have a continuous welded bond between each strip. If the strips ever come unsealed from the J-Hook we guarantee free replacement including freight.

Fast-Mount Strip Door

Fast-Mount Strip Door

In addition to the Fast-Mount Strip Door, Chase is also exhibiting a flexible traffic door and two impact traffic doors, the Durulite Standard and Retailer, both of which are constructed with rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin and a Non-CFC urethane foam core. The ColdGuard Swing door incorporates a tough and thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced pultrusion framework, FRP face casings and a Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane core. Also on display is the DuraShield Roll-up Vinyl and Bug Door and the beautiful Fib-R-Max fiberglass Door that just so happens to be the strongest, most durable and dependable fiberglass door on the market! Last but definitely not least, our DuraSpan Insulated and Non-insulated Curtains are on display and trust me, this is an economical solution to dividing up space that you won’t want to miss out on!

IDA Expo Chase Booth

In you are in Las Vegas be sure to stop by and visit us at booth 614!

Fib-R-Lite Fiberglass Door Installation

Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass doors from Chase have always stood for quality, durability and versatility. One of our most popular doors is our Fib-R-Lite door – the best choice where durability, quality, performance and value are key factors. They are at home in demanding applications such as food processing facilities, car washes, and institutions, because moist, corrosive and windy conditions are no match for the strength of Fib-R-Lite!

Fib-R-Lite door with optional window.

Fib-R-Lite doors are manufactured with a unique method which chemically bonds the face sheets to the core material. The result is a beautiful, durable, one-piece door without seams, gaps or other potential failure points. This process eliminates particulate catch points and means the door will never separate or peel (like other doors that use adhesives bonding face sheets to a frame could).


Fib-R-Lite doors are easy to install – we provide detailed installation instructions with all of our doors, but sometimes a video can be so much more helpful. Thanks to the beauty of social media, we can now easily share our latest video showing the proper way to install a Fib-R-Lite door. Watch how easy it really is!

Full of Options

Fib-R-Lite doors are easily customized to your specific needs. An economical, fine pebble textured finish that is highly resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents and salt water comes standard; a post-applied smooth finish is available. The standard core is a durable, phenolic-impregnated kraft honeycomb core, with polypropylene honeycomb, polyisocyanurate foam, and gypsum (fire-rated) cores available to meet specific application needs.

Your Best Choice for Value and Durability

Fib-R-Lite doors are far superior to hollow metal doors which can dent and corrode. They are so durable, they are backed with a lifetime guarantee against failure due to corrosion! The next time you need a reliable door, you owe it to yourself to check out Fib-R-Lite first.

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Fib-R-Dor FBC Series for Hurricanes

Hurricane Season has arrived (6/1 – 11/30) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an “active or extremely active season” this year. While many people first board up the windows, doors are also a key element in protecting property in hurricane-prone areas. A door has to be specially designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme weather that intense storms such as hurricanes dish out.

Storm ImageIn fact, there are many building codes with specific requirements for the building components used in hurricane-prone areas. For example, chapter 16 of the Florida Building Code stipulates that the wind loads on every building be determined in accordance with American Society of Civil Engineers Standard 7 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures). ASCE 7 determines design pressures for components and cladding used on building envelopes based on parameters such as the geographic location, wind speed, importance of the building use and the location and size of the opening on the building.

ASTM E1886/1996 are a set of standards created to ensure that products will provide adequate protection against the extreme weather conditions that are common with a hurricane. To meet the these standards, a door system must act as a barrier to water, maintain structural integrity under high wind conditions (including cycling from extreme positive to extreme negative pressures) and pass a “missile test” where a projectile is fired at the door panel at a high rate of speed. These tests all simulate the conditions that may be experienced during extreme weather.

Fib-R-Dor Storm RatedChase Doors is proud to offer the “FBC Series” Storm-Rated Fib-R-Dor for these demanding applications. These doors add to the inherent strength of our original Fib-R-Dor, and are built with the same “outside-in” manufacturing process that creates a highly durable panel with no seams, gaps or potential failure points. The entire exterior of the door is molded fiberglass which is permanently bonded to the core for strength and durability. They will never corrode, and with a gel-coat finish, will never need painting.

We then use hurricane-rated vision panels and upgraded locksets capable of withstanding the intense winds and pressure changes experienced during a severe storm. During installation, the door is also anchored to the structure in more locations than a standard install. With these modifications, the doors meet or exceed the requirements for the Florida Building Code (FBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and the Texas Department of Insurance for hurricane-rated openings. They are approved for use in the state of Florida under Florida Product Approval #FL14551.

STorm Rated doorsHopefully this year we don’t see any big hurricanes like we did in 2012. But if you’re in a storm-prone area, make the smart choice and specify the “FBC Series” Fib-R-Dor, the ideal solution for any application that may face hurricane-strength storms.

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Fib-R-Dor and Retrofit Energy Savings

The GlobalCon 2013 Conference, which focuses on the latest developments in the energy sector, is coming up next week (3/6 – 3/7). There will be a lot of discussion about new energy technologies and how they can be integrated into new and existing buildings to reduce overall energy use. 

GlobalCon LogoOne topic that will probably be of particular interest is that of retrofitting existing buildings with new, different technologies. Two key factors to consider with upgrades and retrofits are: 1) how cost effective they are (payback period) and 2) overall energy performance.

Chase Fib-R-Dor doors are a natural choice for retrofitting old hollow metal doors on buildings. They are far superior in many areas, not only in durability and looks (which means the payback period is better), but also in terms of their energy performance.

Fib-R-DorFib-R-Dor fiberglass doors utilize a unique “outside-in” manufacturing process, creating a highly durable panel with no seams, gaps or potential failure points. The door color is a molded gel coat finish, so it will never corrode, need to be painted or discolor like steel and aluminum doors.

When they are filled with polyisocyanurate foam (there are several core options), they offer high R-values across the panel. High R-values are only one part of the equation, though. As most energy experts will tell you, the larger energy losses in a building typically come from air leaks – and windows and doors are natural places for leaks to form.

Because of their superior FRP framework, the Fib-R-Dor frame and door system won’t corrode, warp, or split over time (like other doors and frames). This ensures a tight seal around the entire panel, and is a key factor in ensuring a consistent seal over the life of the door. When other doors may have warped, dented or corroded (creating air leaks), a Fib-R-Dor will still be plumb, true, and sealing tight.

Fib-R-Dor 2

To learn more about the Fib-R-Dor and how they can help your energy saving needs, give us a call at 800.543.4455, or feel free to talk with us on Facebook or Twitter!