Why Use a Strip Door?

Chances are if you ever been around a beer cooler or a walk-in freezer you have probably noticed strip curtains or strip doors–the clear vinyl strips hanging in the doorway. Strip doors are often used as a low-end” solution where a practical, reliable, economical barrier is required.  Why you ask? Because strip doors are a simple solution to reduce unwanted infiltration, add comfort to your employees’ work environment and increase productivity. When used on a loading dock, they provide protection against noise, wind, dust, pollution and contaminates. They can also be used to provide barriers around equipment, to partition large warehouse areas into different areas, and to separate industrial activities such welding. When used in conjunction with cooler and freezer doors, strip doors are a cost-effective solution for saving energy, maintaining temperature and reducing condensation and icing problems inside coolers and freezers.

Chase Doors offers the widest selection of strip doors on the market and is one of only three companies in the U.S. to extrude the clear vinyl strip material used in the fabrication of strip doors. Plus, Chase engineers have developed unique hardware mounting bracket systems that provide solutions to hundreds of simple or challenging problems. Chase’s mounting hardware systems have been tested to ensure fast installation and long-term performance in hundreds of special one-of-a-kind applications, regardless of traffic flow, floor plan, door structure or environment. Whether your strip door from Chase requires special moving hardware like a trolley mount or a gate hinge or simply hangs on a wall or a door jamb, Chase Doors customer service representatives, engineers and R&D staff can draw from our wide array of proven mounting hardware options or create a custom design to satisfy your specific application.

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Chase Doors is Cutting Edge with 3D Printing

In today’s business, technology is constantly improving and raising the bar. We now live in an age where technology is taking over everyday life. The days of old manufacturing are over and new methods of operation are sweeping in, replacing the long traditions of modern business. Costly, yes, but also effective in setting itself apart in the industry. There is one new use of technology known as 3D printing that is taking over how businesses are able to construct a product. This innovation is sweeping the globe and catching on quick with top manufacturing companies.

3D printing is essentially the process of taking an image of a product or item, making it third dimensional on a computer using a design software and then sending that to a printer that will construct the item layer by layer. The labor is nonexistent! The layers will continue to fall on one another until the finished product is constructed. It can be a timely process but the final product will represent an impressive visual to work off of. More people will catch up with this innovation and find out that this new piece of technology is the future and is here to make our lives much easier. Here at Chase Doors we have successfully used this process to produce the prototype for our new strip door bracket, the Fast-Mount.

Just like Chase Doors, many companies are currently utilizing the 3D printed technology to better their business and grow with innovation. Companies such as General Electric, Boeing, and Ford are using 3D printers to expand the product line and produce needed parts at a much more efficient level. This has shown to cut long-term costs and provide time saving material that can help businesses grow. Overall, 3D printing will serve as the future of business technology. Being a more efficient and innovative way to manufacture, this new process will be the talk of tomorrow!

Chase Doors 3D Printer

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New Strip Door is a Cinch to Install

Did you ever go to install something and think wow this is going to be a pain? You look at the installation instructions and it looks more like a book with a bunch of jibber jabber in it. You actually wonder whether or not the person that wrote the instructions actually installed the product. Well, I am here to tell you that Chase has developed a new strip door that is so fast and easy to install that you will think to yourself why didn’t they develop this new strip door sooner. As a matter of fact, I was able to hang a 4’ x 7’ strip door in a matter of minutes. Check out the video and see for yourself just how easy it is to install.

Chase Doors’ new Fast-Mount strip door system eliminates multiple studs and fasteners. The bracket is a low profile aluminum extrusion that is very strong and has a smooth, clean finish. Each strip curtain is pre-hung and sealed on a hanger that slides easily onto the bracket, so there is no more time consuming layout, measuring, or calculating the overlap of strips. In fact, the strip curtain is designed so that when it is installed a preset overlap has already been established.

Fast-Mount Strip Door

Fast-Mount Strip Door

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BRR its Cold Outside

It is particularly cold today in the Midwest. Snow is on the ground and they are saying we could get another 2-4” later today. I would love to be at home wrapped up in a warm fleece blanket, with a fire going, reading a book and sipping on hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. I’m a little envious because I know my husband is home and my dogs are probably having a blast. They love this kind of weather and with the strip door we installed as a doggie door they can run in and out all day and my hubby doesn’t even have to get up.

A customer actually gave me the idea of using our strip doors as a secondary barrier for our doggie door and I have to say it has worked out even better than I expected. Since I am in Ohio and I know the winters get particularly cold I decided to go with our low temp strip curtain material and our Bi-Mount strip door bracket. It really looks nice and the cool air stays outside where it belongs. It was very easy to install and most importantly neither my husband nor myself have to constantly get up to let them in and out over and over again!

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"Hmm I wonder if they know I am outside"

“Hmm I wonder if they know I am outside”

I bet my neighbor would like to know about Chases' Strip Doors!

I bet my neighbor would like to know about Chases’ Strip Doors!

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