A Big Congratulations and Farewell to Newly Retired Employee Dan Smith

Dan Smith Retirement Photo

On June 27th, 1977, an employee named Dan Smith began working for Chase Doors. At the time, Chase Doors was located in Reading, Ohio. It had a small office that held about 12 people and a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, but the people there had a large amount of confidence and drive for the future. Dan Smith was one of the twelve individuals.

After 37 hardworking years, Dan is retiring from the Customer Service Department and is beginning the next chapter of his life. After speaking with Dan, he feels a level of excitement, nervousness and anticipation for this next great chapter in his life. Being with the company a long time, I thought it would be interesting and exciting to sit down and hear about his time with Chase and the many memories he has made along the way.

During his time at Chase Doors, Dan remembers traveling with the sales staff on the extended trips to different trade shows. In some instances, the trade shows were half month long expeditions. Dan stated that these shows were great for networking and expanding the company. As Dan recollected his time here at Chase, he was able to recall some quality moments with his fellow coworkers. He explained that the team environment was what he enjoyed most about working with Chase Doors and that everyone was more than willing and able to help each other with any challenges that arose. Dan said he has made many great lasting friendships, which made his 37 years with Chase so enjoyable. I asked Dan what he will miss most and without hesitation he said his relationships with his customers. Dan has always been able to connect with his customers and deliver great customer service.

Of course, over the years, Dan has seen and witnessed many changes at Chase. After all, when he first started the flexible door was the main product sold. So Dan has watched the company expand its product line and see tremendous growth. He commented that the evolution of products was something truly remarkable and he was proud to have been a part of it.

I asked Dan how he would like to be remembered by his fellow employees and he told me that his hard work and dedication to his job would be a great way to be remembered. He was proud to be a team player and always delivered great performance through his work. He was able to recall his first day at Chase and how everyone around him was very helpful and cooperative. When I asked Dan what his word of advice would be for new employees, he made it clear to take in every moment and give your work every ounce of effort you have. Upon retirement, Dan is looking forward to spending time with his seven grandchildren and enjoying the summer with his family. We here at Chase wish Dan the best of luck and thank him for all of his hard work and years of service he has put into the company! Most importantly, we want Dan to know he will be missed.


New Strip Door is a Cinch to Install

Did you ever go to install something and think wow this is going to be a pain? You look at the installation instructions and it looks more like a book with a bunch of jibber jabber in it. You actually wonder whether or not the person that wrote the instructions actually installed the product. Well, I am here to tell you that Chase has developed a new strip door that is so fast and easy to install that you will think to yourself why didn’t they develop this new strip door sooner. As a matter of fact, I was able to hang a 4’ x 7’ strip door in a matter of minutes. Check out the video and see for yourself just how easy it is to install.

Chase Doors’ new Fast-Mount strip door system eliminates multiple studs and fasteners. The bracket is a low profile aluminum extrusion that is very strong and has a smooth, clean finish. Each strip curtain is pre-hung and sealed on a hanger that slides easily onto the bracket, so there is no more time consuming layout, measuring, or calculating the overlap of strips. In fact, the strip curtain is designed so that when it is installed a preset overlap has already been established.

Fast-Mount Strip Door

Fast-Mount Strip Door

To learn more, visit our site, give us a call (800.543.4455) or send us an email at info@chasedoors.com.

Chase Doors is at the IDA Expo

IDA Expo is one of the largest door and access system expositions in the world, and this year is no exception. With over 150 Exhibitors, Chase is proud to be a part of this show. Not only do we get to see old friends and meet new ones, but we get the opportunity to show off our new products, the Fast-Mount Strip door and the DuraSpan Insulated Curtain.

Las Vegas

IDA People

The new Fast-Mount Strip Door by Chase makes the job of hanging strip doors even easier. The Fast-Mount design eliminates multiple studs and fasteners, and ensures a simple, fast installation. Simply attach the mounting bracket to the wall, slide the J-Hook Strips into the bracket and install the locking screws at each end to hold the strips in place. No more time consuming layout, measuring or calculating overlap of strips as a preset overlap has already been established. The J-Hooks have a continuous welded bond between each strip. If the strips ever come unsealed from the J-Hook we guarantee free replacement including freight.

Fast-Mount Strip Door

Fast-Mount Strip Door

In addition to the Fast-Mount Strip Door, Chase is also exhibiting a flexible traffic door and two impact traffic doors, the Durulite Standard and Retailer, both of which are constructed with rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin and a Non-CFC urethane foam core. The ColdGuard Swing door incorporates a tough and thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced pultrusion framework, FRP face casings and a Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane core. Also on display is the DuraShield Roll-up Vinyl and Bug Door and the beautiful Fib-R-Max fiberglass Door that just so happens to be the strongest, most durable and dependable fiberglass door on the market! Last but definitely not least, our DuraSpan Insulated and Non-insulated Curtains are on display and trust me, this is an economical solution to dividing up space that you won’t want to miss out on!

IDA Expo Chase Booth

In you are in Las Vegas be sure to stop by and visit us at booth 614!

Sweet Packaging: 6 Pack Dealer Display

Time for a pop quiz, multiple choice:

Why is the candy display in grocery stores so effective? Is it because:
A) The candy’s size is easy to grab and take along
B) The candy display is easily accessible, and therefore more desirable
C) The candy’s availability enables it to be an unintended purchase
D) All of the Above

As you may remember from middle school, “All of the Above” is usually a safe bet. The answer “D” encompasses a lot about treats, but also says something about ready to go packaging and a clean display. In this case, our easy to grab, accessible, and unintended purchase is not actually candy, but our 6 Pack Dealer Display for EconoMax™ strip doors for walk-in coolers and freezers!

EconoMax Strip Door 6 Pack Dealer Display

EconoMax Strip Door 6 Pack Dealer Display

Much like a candy bar display, Chase’s 6 Pack Dealer Display increases stores’ sales per visit because customers can walk out of the door with the strip door rather than having to order it and pick it up later. The Display also packages the strip doors in a relatively easy to carry box so the customer can pick it up as an afterthought. Plus, the display itself is freestanding and has a clean look. The 6 Pack Dealer Display gives customers the benefit of installing the strip door immediately. And not just any strip door, but Chase’s NSF Certified, easy to install EconoMax™ strip doors. Strip doors that will reduce energy loss from cooler to freezer doors by as much as 75% – that’s an easy sell! Customers are much more likely to buy something while they’re already spending money, and buying a quality product that satisfies the requirements for the Energy Independence and Security Act might be the best choice they make all day.

6 Pack Flyer
The 6 Pack Dealer Displays house the 40″ x 84″ EconoMax™ strip door kits, which include 6″ x .060″ USDA low temp reinforced strip material, a bi-mount aluminum bracket, a fastener pack and instructions. The benefits to both the seller and customer are undeniable, so contact a Chase Doors representative today to request more information!

National Pi Day

In honor of National Pi day I thought you might enjoy seeing some mouthwatering pies. Ok, they may not be physical pies and they’re certainly not mathematical equations, but they sure do look great on our graphic door! Perfect for a Restaurant that has some amazing desserts for their patrons.

Chase Graphic Doors

Chase Graphic Doors

Store décor is an essential element in creating a positive, lasting impression on your customers. Powerful, large formatted digital graphics stimulate the atmosphere and provide a fresh new look in both new construction and remodels. Enhance the total visual experience with unique transitions or dramatic visual breaks. Highlight a theme or food specialty (my personal favorite – dessert).

We supply many standard graphics to choose from, but we can also use any image that you supply as long as it meets the minimum resolution requirements. If you don’t have an image that meets the resolution requirements we can help you locate stock images that you can purchase for your specific need.

Sneak Peek to New Products Coming Soon

At Chase we strive to be innovative and to listen to our Customer’s needs. So I am eager to announce that within the next few weeks we will have two new products, the DuraSpan Insulated Curtain and the Fast Mount Strip Door.

The DuraSpan Insulated Curtain is the perfect solution for quickly changing a room’s configuration to separate an area and increase the floor plan flexibility. Insulated curtains increase energy savings by creating different temperature zones allowing the user to manage required thermal separation. DuraSpan Insulated Curtains will be the perfect solution for refrigerated areas, warehouse & distribution facilities, food processing facilities, and data centers. Like our DuraSpan Industrial Curtain the Insulated Curtains are constructed with reinforced flame retardant vinyl and mildew resistant thread. Every DuraSpan curtain can be customized to suit your specific needs and will be available with several different R values. The top of the curtain will have a reinforced sewn hem with stainless steel grommets available in 12”, 18” and 24” increments.

DuraSpan Insulated Curtain

DuraSpan Insulated Curtain

The Fast Mount – well I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but the Fast Mount is a new bracket for our Strip Curtains and as the name implies it is going to be really fast and easy to install. The design, well let’s just say that it is a very slick, clean design that will be loved by many. Stay tuned . . .

A New Website Specifically for Fiberglass Doors

Chase is ringing in the New Year with a brand new, re-designed website specific for our fiberglass door line. The Fib-R-Dor website has great new features, easy to use navigation and has a ton of information about our corrosion resistant fiberglass door line.

On the product pages we show pictures of the available lite kits, cores, color options and more. We have an awesome photo gallery of doors that have been recently installed. And of course we have a library that includes such items as drawings, specifications, color options, quote forms and installation instructions. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think – http://www.fibrdor.com

Available Lit Kits for Fiberglass Doors

Available Lit Kits for Fiberglass Doors

Cores available for Fib-R-Lite

Cores available for Fib-R-Lite

Chase Doors offers a complete line of fiberglass doors that are designed for use in extremely corrosive environments, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, water / wastewater treatment facilities, chemical manufacturing, cleanrooms, vivarium and coastal applications. Fiberglass doors, also known as FRP doors, can also be used as alternative to stainless steel doors and hollow metal doors in schools, institutions and government facilities, saving thousands of dollars in replacement and maintenance costs.

Chase Doors offers superior design and engineering processes which enhance the functionality, durability, and life of its products. All Chase corrosion resistant doors utilize premium materials and manufacturing methods ensuring that every corrosion resistant door system can withstand highly corrosive environments. All Chase fiberglass doors (Fib-R-Max, Fib-R-Dor and Fib-R-Lite) are covered under a lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion. No matter what FRP door model you choose, Fib-R-Max®, Fib-R-Dor® or Fib-R-Lite®, Chase Doors’ manufacturing capabilities and exceptional customer service has empowered us to earn a reputation for high quality products that are reliable, durable, and competitively priced.

What Does Custom-Manufacturer Mean?

The definition according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “custom-made” means that it is made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person. At Chase Doors, custom-made or custom-manufactured doesn’t just mean manufacturing a door to your specification but actually finding a solution to your problem.

Chase Doors was recently contacted by a company working with the New York Transit Authority. They needed a fire rated sliding door but did not want a closing system, so our Engineers designed a door that met their requirements. Chase’s skilled craftspeople manufactured the door and then submitted it to UL so it could be evaluated and tested. In December, UL determined the door complied with all applicable requirements and issued the UL Mark. The doors will soon be on their way to their new home in New York.

Sliding Fire Door

Custom Door Designed for the New York Transit Authority

Perhaps you or someone you know needs a door to something very specific. Let Chase help design that custom, one of a kind door for your application. Chase Doors have earned a reputation as high quality products that are reliable, durable and competitively priced. Chase’s team of in-house engineers and customer service professionals work with you every step of the way throughout the order process to ensure accuracy before sending the door to production. A seasoned production team, including experienced craftspeople are cross trained to perform a variety of duties ensuring that Chase can meet customer demand with minimal disruption. Let Chase put over 80 plus years of experience to work for you!

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BRR its Cold Outside

It is particularly cold today in the Midwest. Snow is on the ground and they are saying we could get another 2-4” later today. I would love to be at home wrapped up in a warm fleece blanket, with a fire going, reading a book and sipping on hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. I’m a little envious because I know my husband is home and my dogs are probably having a blast. They love this kind of weather and with the strip door we installed as a doggie door they can run in and out all day and my hubby doesn’t even have to get up.

A customer actually gave me the idea of using our strip doors as a secondary barrier for our doggie door and I have to say it has worked out even better than I expected. Since I am in Ohio and I know the winters get particularly cold I decided to go with our low temp strip curtain material and our Bi-Mount strip door bracket. It really looks nice and the cool air stays outside where it belongs. It was very easy to install and most importantly neither my husband nor myself have to constantly get up to let them in and out over and over again!

To learn more about our strip doors give us a call at 800.543.4455.

"Hmm I wonder if they know I am outside"

“Hmm I wonder if they know I am outside”

I bet my neighbor would like to know about Chases' Strip Doors!

I bet my neighbor would like to know about Chases’ Strip Doors!

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Innovation and Continuous Improvements

Innovation and continuous improvements are more than just words for Chase Doors. The Engineering department at Chase Doors continually looks for ways to improve our products. Recently their focus has been on ColdGuard sliding cold storage door line. A few of the improvements include a factory mounted and pre-wired operator, improved floor guide system, a track mounted hold close feature, and re-designed heavy duty roller system.

ColdGuard Cold Storage Door

ColdGuard Cold Storage Door

Our 1900-RLS operator was developed and designed by Chase engineers. The 1900-RLS incorporates standard features including pre-wired components, variable speed operation with soft start/stop, a rotary limit switch, and a NEMA 4X control box. The soft start/stop feature allows the operator to slow down at the end of the door’s travel adding life to the door system and provides an added measure of safety. Pre-wire and pre-mounted control panel from the factory simplifies installation and allows the factory to fully test the operator prior to shipping, virtually, “plug and play”.

Pre-mounted and pre-wired simplifies the installation process!

Pre-mounted and pre-wired simplifies the installation process!

All sliding ColdGuard cold storage doors now come standard with an adjustable floor guide system that installs under the door panel. This concealed design eliminates the floor rollers that many cold storage doors require The under panel guide is easy to install, can be adjusted for a perfect seal, and has a much cleaner look than bulky rollers that are prone to being hit by loads passing through the opening.

Adjustable Concealed Floor Guide System

Adjustable Concealed Floor Guide System

Manual sliding cooler and freezer doors come standard with an adjustable track mounted hold close bracket. The hold close device prevents “bounce back” on manually operated doors.

EHD Track and Hold Open Bracket

EHD Track and Hold Open Bracket

Our new heavy duty rollers incorporate a built in anti-derail design that insures that the door system remains on the track and operational. The installation and adjustment couldn’t be easier, the roller is designed with slotted mounting holes and a jack so adjustment of the door system is quick and easy. Plus, permanently lubricated rollers provide smooth, quiet performance for many years.

SD Track and Heavy Duty Roller Assembly

SD Track and Heavy Duty Roller Assembly