Keep the Birds and Bugs Out and Let the Warm Summer Breeze Blow In

It’s that time of year again—the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the bugs are driving us crazy! If you’re battling the army of flies and stink bugs or birds and rodents that come in through your open warehouse doors every summer, look no farther than Chase’s DuraShield Bird Screens and Bug Screens.

The DuraShield bird and bug screen doors are cost effective options that allow sunlight and a fresh breeze into the area, but keep the pests and bugs out. Wouldn’t life be easier to get a DuraShield product before the birds begin to nest in your warehouse and before the bugs get in?

In addition, your employees will enjoy working in an area where they can feel the breeze and natural sunshine, especially now that the weather is so nice. DuraShield screen doors encourage productivity from employees and discourage unwanted pedestrian traffic.

Chase has an array of bug, bird, wire, and solid vinyl screen doors available to suit your specific requirements. Learn more with our new DuraShield brochure (click on the image below) and have a great summer!