Keep the Birds and Bugs Out and Let the Warm Summer Breeze Blow In

It’s that time of year again—the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the bugs are driving us crazy! If you’re battling the army of flies and stink bugs or birds and rodents that come in through your open warehouse doors every summer, look no farther than Chase’s DuraShield Bird Screens and Bug Screens.

The DuraShield bird and bug screen doors are cost effective options that allow sunlight and a fresh breeze into the area, but keep the pests and bugs out. Wouldn’t life be easier to get a DuraShield product before the birds begin to nest in your warehouse and before the bugs get in?

In addition, your employees will enjoy working in an area where they can feel the breeze and natural sunshine, especially now that the weather is so nice. DuraShield screen doors encourage productivity from employees and discourage unwanted pedestrian traffic.

Chase has an array of bug, bird, wire, and solid vinyl screen doors available to suit your specific requirements. Learn more with our new DuraShield brochure (click on the image below) and have a great summer!



Chase Doors is Cutting Edge with 3D Printing

In today’s business, technology is constantly improving and raising the bar. We now live in an age where technology is taking over everyday life. The days of old manufacturing are over and new methods of operation are sweeping in, replacing the long traditions of modern business. Costly, yes, but also effective in setting itself apart in the industry. There is one new use of technology known as 3D printing that is taking over how businesses are able to construct a product. This innovation is sweeping the globe and catching on quick with top manufacturing companies.

3D printing is essentially the process of taking an image of a product or item, making it third dimensional on a computer using a design software and then sending that to a printer that will construct the item layer by layer. The labor is nonexistent! The layers will continue to fall on one another until the finished product is constructed. It can be a timely process but the final product will represent an impressive visual to work off of. More people will catch up with this innovation and find out that this new piece of technology is the future and is here to make our lives much easier. Here at Chase Doors we have successfully used this process to produce the prototype for our new strip door bracket, the Fast-Mount.

Just like Chase Doors, many companies are currently utilizing the 3D printed technology to better their business and grow with innovation. Companies such as General Electric, Boeing, and Ford are using 3D printers to expand the product line and produce needed parts at a much more efficient level. This has shown to cut long-term costs and provide time saving material that can help businesses grow. Overall, 3D printing will serve as the future of business technology. Being a more efficient and innovative way to manufacture, this new process will be the talk of tomorrow!

Chase Doors 3D Printer

For more information contact Chase Doors at 800.543.4455

Why Corrections Officers Prefer Chase Corrosion Resistant Inmate Shower Doors to Shower Curtains

Maintaining shower curtains in a correction facility can be time-consuming and costly. First there’s the issue of functionality. Inmates who are looking for privacy try to maneuver the shower curtain in ways that it covers more of the opening and in the process destroys the curtain. Then there’s the health and sanitation factor. Shower curtains are susceptible to mold and mildew. Even worse, there is a potential passage of contagious diseases such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), which can be very difficult and expensive to treat. Image

Shower curtains are easy to pull down and attract mold and mildew. 

Chase Corrosion Resistant Gate Shower Doors are the perfect solution. Chase SRP Gate Doors are lightweight yet extremely durable, you could even say virtually indestructible. The panel is constructed with ½” thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The door panel has a textured finish and is the same color throughout the entire door panel, making dents and scratches less visible. The anodized aluminum backspine is the full length of the door panel and contains the in-line cam, coil spring and gravity assist hinge system which centers the door back to the closed position. The backspine is riveted to the door panel and includes upper and lower stainless steel hinges.


Chase Shower Gate Door

The Chase Corrosion Resistant Shower Door is easy to clean and eliminates the concerns of mold, mildew and the passage of contagious diseases. Plus they offer the Inmate a sense of privacy while allowing the Guard the opportunity to monitor the activities above and below the door.


Available Colors

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Durable Durulite Doors

Chase Duralite doors are well known for being the toughest traffic doors on the market, and for good reason. They are rotationally molded, meaning they don’t need mechanical fasteners or adhesives to keep different layers of material together (such as a frame, wood, laminates, and composites, you get the idea).

Ultra Heavy Duty Traffic Door

Durulite Industrial Door

Granted, that’s a very good way to manufacture a door: many traffic doors (including our Proline and SC3000 series) are made this way: differing materials “laid up” into the final door assembly.

It’s just that the adhesives and mechanical fasteners used in a laid up door don’t have much “stretching” ability upon large impacts, so if the door is used in situations where they are subject to frequent heavy impacts like those from a forklift, they can be more susceptible to failure.

Roto Molding – Say What? 

Roto Molding Def

Rotational Molding, often referred to simply as “roto molding”, offers many distinct advantages when building an industrial-strength traffic door.

  • The door is a one-piece hollow shell, without seams to separate or deteriorate.
  • The cross-linked polyethylene we use is strong, flexible, and able to withstand exposure to solvents and adhesives.
  • Non-CFC foam fills the entire core of the door, providing excellent insulation and helping the door to absorb heavy impacts with ease.
  • The doors are lighter than a traditional laid up door would be, since there is no internal framework necessary.
  • Since Durulite doors are sealed, they can be used in cooler and freezer environments without worry.

Roto molding a traffic door is actually a very interesting process – read more about what happens at our facility.

Why Durulite Doors?

Chase invented the roto molded traffic door in 1976 and we have sold over 500,000 since then! Every one of these doors is custom manufactured at our facility in Redmond, Oregon, where we can monitor the entire process, from raw material inputs to proper molding techniques, to make sure you’re getting the highest quality door possible.   

Standard impact resistance tests have shown that cross-linked polyethylene is 5x more puncture resistant and 3x more flexible than ABS panels which are typically used by competitors.

So when you need the strongest, yet lightest door possible, stick with the name that says it all: Durulite!

The Durulite Retailer XHD

The Durulite Retailer XHD

Quickly get a quote by calling our helpful customer service team at 800-543-4455. And please follow us on our social media channels – we’re happy to answer product questions and share interesting information about doors and manufacturing. Just click on the icons below!

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Chase SRP 5000 Traffic Door Improvements

At Chase Doors, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements to our products – it’s part of a culture of continuous improvement that we embrace throughout the company.

One of the latest updates is to our SRP 5000, which is a lightweight, durable and affordable traffic door available in 7 different colors. The door panel continues to be made of the same, 1/2” thick USDA-accepted, stress-relieved high-density polyethylene. Since these door panels are textured and the color flows throughout the panel, normal dents and scratches are hidden. making them perfect for high traffic retail openings between the stock room and sales floor.

The changes we’re making are to the hardware we’re building the door with. After extensive testing, we’re pleased to announce that we are upgrading the back spine from a 2″ anodized aluminum tube, to a stainless steel rectangular back spine which wraps tightly around the door. This improves the appearance of the door, with a neater, cleaner look, while providing the same rigidity as the aluminum tube.

Old-SRP-5000-WebThe back spine change also allows us to shift to our proven “E” hinge system, which is an offset gravity hinge system. Like our “C” hinge, the “E” hinge offers years of trouble-free service and minimal maintenance requirements, but with the black hinge cover, it offers a tighter, cleaner look.

New-SRP-5000-webThe sum of these changes means we can offer the door with slightly tighter clearances now too, further improving the overall look. We hope you agree that these changes will give you better performance and a neater appearance for these proven doors.

If you have any questions, please give our customer service team a call (800-543-4455) or pose one here in the blog comments or on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus or LinkedIn. And don’t forget to follow us on your favorite platform to stay current on the latest developments at Chase Doors!

Fib-R-Dor FBC Series for Hurricanes

Hurricane Season has arrived (6/1 – 11/30) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an “active or extremely active season” this year. While many people first board up the windows, doors are also a key element in protecting property in hurricane-prone areas. A door has to be specially designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme weather that intense storms such as hurricanes dish out.

Storm ImageIn fact, there are many building codes with specific requirements for the building components used in hurricane-prone areas. For example, chapter 16 of the Florida Building Code stipulates that the wind loads on every building be determined in accordance with American Society of Civil Engineers Standard 7 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures). ASCE 7 determines design pressures for components and cladding used on building envelopes based on parameters such as the geographic location, wind speed, importance of the building use and the location and size of the opening on the building.

ASTM E1886/1996 are a set of standards created to ensure that products will provide adequate protection against the extreme weather conditions that are common with a hurricane. To meet the these standards, a door system must act as a barrier to water, maintain structural integrity under high wind conditions (including cycling from extreme positive to extreme negative pressures) and pass a “missile test” where a projectile is fired at the door panel at a high rate of speed. These tests all simulate the conditions that may be experienced during extreme weather.

Fib-R-Dor Storm RatedChase Doors is proud to offer the “FBC Series” Storm-Rated Fib-R-Dor for these demanding applications. These doors add to the inherent strength of our original Fib-R-Dor, and are built with the same “outside-in” manufacturing process that creates a highly durable panel with no seams, gaps or potential failure points. The entire exterior of the door is molded fiberglass which is permanently bonded to the core for strength and durability. They will never corrode, and with a gel-coat finish, will never need painting.

We then use hurricane-rated vision panels and upgraded locksets capable of withstanding the intense winds and pressure changes experienced during a severe storm. During installation, the door is also anchored to the structure in more locations than a standard install. With these modifications, the doors meet or exceed the requirements for the Florida Building Code (FBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and the Texas Department of Insurance for hurricane-rated openings. They are approved for use in the state of Florida under Florida Product Approval #FL14551.

STorm Rated doorsHopefully this year we don’t see any big hurricanes like we did in 2012. But if you’re in a storm-prone area, make the smart choice and specify the “FBC Series” Fib-R-Dor, the ideal solution for any application that may face hurricane-strength storms.

Keep up on the latest Chase Doors updates by connecting to us via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, or leave us a note below!

DuraShield Vinyl Roll-up Doors

With spring in full swing here in Cincinnati, we’re getting use of our DuraShield Bug doors in our warehouse. But we also have another DuraShield product useful for areas where ventilation (while keeping bugs & birds out) isn’t the primary concern.

Vinyl Rollup DoorThe DuraShield Solid Vinyl Roll-up Door is an affordable choice for sealing out dust, noise, and pollution and for managing temperature differentials. It can help you increase productivity by improving your employees work environment.

We were recently on location doing a video shoot for a new install video. This particular facility had several other areas devoted to different production activities, and one in particular stood out to me as an ideal location for a DuraShield Vinyl Roll-up door. This was a wood cutting area which utilizes a big opening to allow forklift traffic to move through. While there is a pair of traffic doors installed (which we also sell and highly recommend!) this struck me as a perfect application for our DuraShield vinyl roll-up door:  it would effectively contain the sawdust and keep the other areas of the building clean, while allowing the forklift to pass through easily.

Manual or Automatic Operation

Chain Rollup

DuraShield Vinyl roll-up doors come standard with manual chain hoist operation, but can be ordered with motor operators, which is appropriate for applications (such as the one mentioned above) where there is motorized traffic passing through.  

Mounting Options and Sliding Models, Too!

Mounting Options

To accommodate nearly every application, there are three mounting methods to ensure you get the perfect fit and seal (face of wall, in jamb, and inside standoff). In addition, DuraShield vinyl doors are available in a sliding configuration, useful where there are tight clearances at the top of an opening. These operate smoothly on a galvanized track system utilizing pull handles and manual closures.  

DuraShield products are available in many colors and are a great choice to solve contamination problems in industrial and manufacturing facilities. For more information give us a call at 800-543-4455 or feel free to leave a comment here in the blog, or on Facebook or Twitter.