Chase Doors is Cutting Edge with 3D Printing

In today’s business, technology is constantly improving and raising the bar. We now live in an age where technology is taking over everyday life. The days of old manufacturing are over and new methods of operation are sweeping in, replacing the long traditions of modern business. Costly, yes, but also effective in setting itself apart in the industry. There is one new use of technology known as 3D printing that is taking over how businesses are able to construct a product. This innovation is sweeping the globe and catching on quick with top manufacturing companies.

3D printing is essentially the process of taking an image of a product or item, making it third dimensional on a computer using a design software and then sending that to a printer that will construct the item layer by layer. The labor is nonexistent! The layers will continue to fall on one another until the finished product is constructed. It can be a timely process but the final product will represent an impressive visual to work off of. More people will catch up with this innovation and find out that this new piece of technology is the future and is here to make our lives much easier. Here at Chase Doors we have successfully used this process to produce the prototype for our new strip door bracket, the Fast-Mount.

Just like Chase Doors, many companies are currently utilizing the 3D printed technology to better their business and grow with innovation. Companies such as General Electric, Boeing, and Ford are using 3D printers to expand the product line and produce needed parts at a much more efficient level. This has shown to cut long-term costs and provide time saving material that can help businesses grow. Overall, 3D printing will serve as the future of business technology. Being a more efficient and innovative way to manufacture, this new process will be the talk of tomorrow!

Chase Doors 3D Printer

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Why Choose Econo Max Vinyl Strip Doors?

Did you know that Chase Doors is one of only four companies in the U.S. that extrudes their own clear vinyl strip material? That’s right! We have two full-service strip door production facilities that create our Econo Max products: our Redmond, Oregon location and our headquarters in Cincinnati.

Having two production facilities allows us to provide you with the best quality PVC material, with fast turnaround and the best price. We’ve invested over one million dollars in state-of-the-art extrusion technology which allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent, reliable quality in every Econo Max product.

Typical Uses

Strip Doors, which are commonly called strip curtains, PVC strips or vinyl strips, are a great way to create an economical barrier separating two spaces. You can find them in many industrial applications, where they help to improve traffic flow and provide protection from noise, wind and dust.

Strip Door Forklift Weld Curtain

One of the most common uses are in cooler and freezer applications, where they can dramatically reduce the loss of cold air, leading to improved customer or employee comfort, lowered energy usage and food temperature swings.

Strip door Freezer

Many Options

Because we make our own material, we can offer many different options to meet your specific environmental needs. For example, we’ve got Loc-Rib strips which “lock” together for a tight seal and protect the strips, USDA-accepted material for food or clean environments, low-temperature PVC which remains flexible in extreme cold, anti-static material for sensitive electronic environments, and Amberweld material, which protects from the UV rays generated during welding and brazing operations.

Color Options 

Color Roll Goods

By far, clear strips are the most common. For large, high-volume openings we offer sem-transparent “Safety Orange” strips that are useful to help mark the door edges. We also make opaque colored strips in blue, green, brown and black. These are typically found in larger retail stores. These are used for many reasons, including controlling temperature differences, but the most common reason a colored strip is used is to hide the stock area from customer view, while still allowing moving equipment and product through.

For increased safety where carts, forklifts or people will be going through the door, Chase offers Colorview™ strips which have a window that is built into each opaque strip. This is done by RF welding clear sections into the center of the strips. RF (Radio Frequency) welding uses high frequency radio waves to bond the materials at a molecular level, creating a permanent bond between the door sections. For a good write-up on RF welding, check out this link:

Bulk Rolls Too! 

For those that wish to buy in bulk, we offer all of our PVC goods in bulk rolls of material. We can make your job of maintaining many strip doors easy, with our PerfaStrip roll. This is a continuous roll of PVC strip material, pre-punched and perforated for your specific length! Simply pull off a strip when you need to replace individual strips on existing doors.

PerfaStrip roll Econo Max PerfaStrip

They work with our EconoTrack bracket as well as most other brackets (such as press-fit brackets). The best thing is, because of the high grade of PVC we use, they hang straight right off the roll!

Call Chase First

Next time you need strip doors (whether new or replacement), give Chase a call at 800-543-4455. We can provide you with the highest quality in a short amount of time. Also, please follow us on your favorite social media channels – just click on the icons below!

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