Why Use a Strip Door?

Chances are if you ever been around a beer cooler or a walk-in freezer you have probably noticed strip curtains or strip doors–the clear vinyl strips hanging in the doorway. Strip doors are often used as a low-end” solution where a practical, reliable, economical barrier is required.  Why you ask? Because strip doors are a simple solution to reduce unwanted infiltration, add comfort to your employees’ work environment and increase productivity. When used on a loading dock, they provide protection against noise, wind, dust, pollution and contaminates. They can also be used to provide barriers around equipment, to partition large warehouse areas into different areas, and to separate industrial activities such welding. When used in conjunction with cooler and freezer doors, strip doors are a cost-effective solution for saving energy, maintaining temperature and reducing condensation and icing problems inside coolers and freezers.

Chase Doors offers the widest selection of strip doors on the market and is one of only three companies in the U.S. to extrude the clear vinyl strip material used in the fabrication of strip doors. Plus, Chase engineers have developed unique hardware mounting bracket systems that provide solutions to hundreds of simple or challenging problems. Chase’s mounting hardware systems have been tested to ensure fast installation and long-term performance in hundreds of special one-of-a-kind applications, regardless of traffic flow, floor plan, door structure or environment. Whether your strip door from Chase requires special moving hardware like a trolley mount or a gate hinge or simply hangs on a wall or a door jamb, Chase Doors customer service representatives, engineers and R&D staff can draw from our wide array of proven mounting hardware options or create a custom design to satisfy your specific application.

Be sure to check out our newly designed Strip Door brochure for more information or call us toll free at 800.543.4455.Econo Max Strip Doors


Sneak Peek to New Products Coming Soon

At Chase we strive to be innovative and to listen to our Customer’s needs. So I am eager to announce that within the next few weeks we will have two new products, the DuraSpan Insulated Curtain and the Fast Mount Strip Door.

The DuraSpan Insulated Curtain is the perfect solution for quickly changing a room’s configuration to separate an area and increase the floor plan flexibility. Insulated curtains increase energy savings by creating different temperature zones allowing the user to manage required thermal separation. DuraSpan Insulated Curtains will be the perfect solution for refrigerated areas, warehouse & distribution facilities, food processing facilities, and data centers. Like our DuraSpan Industrial Curtain the Insulated Curtains are constructed with reinforced flame retardant vinyl and mildew resistant thread. Every DuraSpan curtain can be customized to suit your specific needs and will be available with several different R values. The top of the curtain will have a reinforced sewn hem with stainless steel grommets available in 12”, 18” and 24” increments.

DuraSpan Insulated Curtain

DuraSpan Insulated Curtain

The Fast Mount – well I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but the Fast Mount is a new bracket for our Strip Curtains and as the name implies it is going to be really fast and easy to install. The design, well let’s just say that it is a very slick, clean design that will be loved by many. Stay tuned . . .