Saying Farewell to Another Retiring Chase Employee!

Tim's Retirement

In 1974, Tim McGrath started working with Chase Doors and has been with the company ever since. He has been a valued member of our production team through the years and has always been proud of his company and the products he produces. Hard working is a great term to describe Tim; he has always been a very determined worker and production team employee. After talking to Tim, he is anxious to see what this next chapter holds for him. Tim has been with Chase for 39 years and has contributed greatly to our production facility as a Flexible Door Technician.

When talking to Tim, I asked to hear his favorite memory while working for Chase. He told me that before he worked for Chase he was in the food industry and really enjoyed the transition into his job with Chase. The switch over to the new setting was very welcoming and proved beneficial. Tim enjoyed working with people that were easy to communicate with and he would always strive to make his boss proud. Producing a great product was very important to Tim and the manufacturing process was one of the things he found most enjoyable. Tim has seen a great number of changes during his time at Chase. He stated that there has been a significant increase of the products produced and that the knowledge base has expanded along with the product line. His favorite addition to the door line is the DuraShield bug door.

When I asked Tim if he remembers his first day at Chase, he told me it was a shift of putting together hardware. He spent the time getting to know the place and working diligently with his hands. Tim was able to remember all the good memories he has had with his coworkers and will miss spending time with his friends here at Chase, of course we will miss spending time with him as well.

Tim would like to be remembered by his fellow employees as being a hard worker. Tim has always been dedicated to his job and has placed great emphasis on producing quality products. If he could leave any words of advice to the new employees, it would be to not waste time when working and always be open to sharing new ideas that could prove beneficial to the company.

Upon retirement, Tim is looking forward to relaxing, but being the dedicated and proud worker he is, also completing some work around the house. We wish Tim the very best and thank him for all the great work and years of service here at Chase Doors!


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